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Tu B'Shvat : Shabbat Shira

Motivational Tools:

Various kinds of birds. (Pictures, stuffed animals, plastic models)

General Information:

Shabbat Shira always falls on the Shabbat before Tu B’shvat.  Tradition tells us (as an Aggadah) that when Manna was given in the dessert, Moses instructed the Israelites to collect double portions on Friday to use on Shabbat.  There would not be manna given on Shabbat.  In an effort to discredit Moses’s instructons, two men scattered manna in the night, so that it would be seen on Shabbat.  Birds quickly ate the manna so this act was foiled. To honor the birds, this story was added to the learning about Shabbat Shira.


  • Bird Feeders
  • Yarn for stringing
  • Looped shape cereal

Simply string cereal on yarn, tie in circle.  Instruct children to hang the feeders on a tree.