Rosh Hashanah and
Yom Kippur
  Sukkot & Simchat Torah
  Tu B’Shvat


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Sukkah as a temporary dwelling
| Completing the Torah and starting again

Sukkot and Simchat Torah: Completing the Torah and Starting Again

Motivational Tools:

Since all Torahs do not look alike, allow the children to see what several Torahs look like.  This is a perfect opportunity to visit your in house Torah if there is a synagogue adjacent to your school setting.  It is also very helpful for children to see pictures of  Torahs with velvet coverings (Ashkenazi) and Torahs that are housed permanently in wooden containers (Sephardic). 

Lesson Plan:

  1. Show the children a book.  “How do we know if the book is finished?” What do we do if we want to read the story again?  Give the book to a student, have him show what is the front  and back.
  2. A Torah is very different.  It tells a story of the Jewish people, but it does not look like a book.
  3. Simchat Torah is a holiday that celebrates finishing the reading of the whole Torah.  It takes a whole year to read the Torah.  It is so special, Jewish people read a little bit each week.
  4. What happens when we get to the end of the Torah? It’s different than a book, how do we read from the beginning? Allow the children to give their answers.
  5. This is a perfect opportunity to visit a Torah, or use a small teaching Torah in class and show how the Torah can be rolled to read it from the beginning. 

Reinforcement Activities:

  1. Using a CD with common Hebrew folk songs, have the children march in a circle (holding pictures of Torahs) to the music.  Movement is so important, and hearing Jewish music is also an important link that should be made from the early years. 
  2. A tasty treat is simply cookie decorating.  Use a Torah cookie cutter, and precook Torah shaped cookies.  With some help, have students decorate cookies with frosting and glitters.  Sweets and learning are always appreciated by children! Have your camera ready!