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Sukkah as a temporary dwelling
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Sukkot and Simchat Torah: Sukkah as a Temporary Dwelling

Motivational Tools:

Children are curious by nature.  All lessons should have a motivation to learn what is introduced via various curiosities.  This lesson should have available on a small display table the following items a simple diorama (using a shoe box) that looks like a sukkah,  pictures of various sukkot, permanent homes and small pieces of branches . It would also be helpful to have a classroom size sukkah that 3-4 children can sit inside.  These unique items can be found on the web for purchase. 

Lesson Plan:

  1. Hold up two pictures: a permanent house and a sukkah.  “The Jewish people are told in the Torah  to celebrate the holiday of Sukkot by sitting, eating and even sleeping in a sukkah”  Who has had a meal in a sukkah? Allow the children to give their stories of their sukkah experiences.  It will allow you to pre-assess who is familiar with the sukkah tradition. 
  2. Which would fall down in a big wind?  The sukkah. The sukkah is not a solid house.  It is supposed to be different than a house.  How is a sukkah different from a house?  How are they the same? Let them give their opinions.
  3. The most important part of the the sukkah is the roof.  The roof can only be covered with things from nature. (for example branches) This is called s’koch in Hebrew.
  4. To best understand the concept of the roof covering (s’koch), students should have the opportunity to cover a class sukkah with green strips of paper.  Children should be aware that the branches should allow for shade, a little sun,  and the stars should be seen at night.

Reinforcement Activities:

1. Have 8-10 students hold hands in a circle.  Raise hands and allow space between each person.  Choose a student to start walking in and out of the openings, while everyone sings:

Go In and Out the Sukkah

Go In and Out the Sukkah(3x)
As we have done before.
Now gently tap your partner(3x)
As we have done before.

The student who’s had their shoulder tapped is now the leader. The circle will get smaller as the train of students gets longer.

2. Children enjoy building with many different mediums.  Have lego's available, Lincoln logs, and duplos.  Divide children into groups, allow them to build their own Sukkot.  If the class has no space to show their creations, take digital pictures before children take their work down.  This is an activity that allow for group interaction and creativity. A guaranteed hit!